Design Solutions x Salone del Mobile—Milan 2022

salon del mobile milan

MILAN — Under the sun-soaked early June sky, the much-anticipated Salone del Mobile in Milan returns in full bloom this year, after a couple of pandemic-disrupted years. Expectations are high, especially as the event inaugurates a month-long roster of activities in the country, from Pitti Uomo to Milan Men’s Fashion Week, drawing international attendees that were absent since the pre-pandemic days.

The Milan Furniture fair is one of the largest weeklong furniture fairs in the world and this year’s show has brought over 2,000 exhibitors and 300,000 plus visitors from 165 countries.

Salone del Mobile is by far one of our favorite design events to experience because it involves the entire city. This year I, Luciana Fragali, and 5 designers from the firm made the journey to Milan to experience the magic of design and embrace some much-needed fresh inspiration. If you are a serious design lover like me, this is the spot to view and experience new products and trends emerging in the interior design industry, plus there are many events for mingling with some of the hottest names in design. Our journey through the Salone left my head buzzing with tons of ideas and inspirations for a few of our upcoming projects! If you follow us on Instagram, you understand the reason for the buzz!

Design Solutions x Salone del MobileFashion brands are taking the opportunity to unveil their latest design and home decor collections, host immersive experiences and celebrate the return to IRL events. Here, Design Solutions rounds up some of the most innovative and inspirational showrooms dedicated to quality design. Check out just a few of our favorite interior design collections below!


Discover the suspended atmospheres of the Minotti Pavilion, an architectural installation presenting the new indoor and outdoor pieces of their 2022 interior design collection.

salon del mobile milanPOLIFORM:

HABITAT PERSPECTIVES – The Poliform interior design area begins from a large central piazza, a meeting point and gathering place for renewed contact with visitors, leading into a cozier domestic setting, like that of an exclusive residence. The interior space is organized in a fluid, coherent succession of refined rooms, from the daytime zone (living and dining) to the kitchen, the conceptual core of the design, all the way to the nighttime area. Facing outward, the space establishes ongoing dialogue with the surrounding garden, through large glass openings that allow the gaze to roam, in a harmonious interaction between interiors and landscape.

Poliform interior designThe architecture becomes soft and light, also thanks to equally delicate hues that set the tone of the atmosphere and the products themselves. The large systems become part of the structure, while the smaller items add touches of color, thanks to combinations of materials and finishes that stand out within the composition. The aesthetic and ethical tenets of Poliform take on a new, concrete impact: elegance, refinement, functional quality, durability, versatility, in the loftiest sense of the term design.

Design Solutions x Salone del Mobile 2022BAXTER:

The brand presents the new Baxter Design Indoor 2022 collection and unveils the preview of the new Outdoor 2022 collection. The search for materials and colors followed parallel paths; on the one hand the nuances, leathers, marbles, metals for interiors and on the other hand the new research for outdoor materials, which reflects the general need to be in close contact with nature.

Baxter Design

Baxter Design 2022ENNE:

ENNE provides a modern lifestyle that emphasizes the quality of living and working spaces. Developing new products at the junction of design, architecture and art with an attitude of poetic simplicity infused with a tint of contemporary luxury constitutes the ultimate attitude of the brand.

ENNE creates natural products that are true to the nature of the materials used. The character of both the materials used and the craftsmanship is carefully processed into the texture of the material and products so that designs are embodied through their material character. ENNE is evolving itself to shape their future designs, independent of popular culture or kitsch designs while not hesitating to be brave and innovative.


And just for fun! Here is my amazing team conquering Milan!

Design Solutions x Salone del Mobile

 x Salone del Mobile
salon del mobile milan
salon del mobile milan