Contemporary Interior Designers

Contemporary Interior Designers

Constructing your ideal home or office masterpiece requires the support of a dedicated team of contemporary interior designers. At Design Solutions, we employ a group of skilled designers and creative visionaries who will co-author any space you wish to bring to life.

What Is Contemporary Residential Interior Design?

Our interior designers are inspired to create spaces of calmness. This means simplicity, clean lines, and thoughtful touches of bold colors to create warm, sophisticated spaces. Contemporary design is characterized by certain essentials that help define its nature and set the right tone for your preferred style.

Contemporary Interior Designers

Common Contemporary Interior Design Styles 

Colors: When you think contemporary, think neturals, grays, black, and white with a punch of bright, bold accent colors.

Spaces and Lines: Straight, clean lines are the foundation of any contemporary residential interior design. If it’s vertical, horizontal, or curved, these different geometric shapes instantly create a contemporary feel with a big personality.

Furniture: Our designers look for furniture pieces that make simple, bold statements without disrupting the smooth and clean feel of the room. The furniture could be neutral colors with added textures and pillows for more clean lines and shapes. It’s helpful to always keep in mind that less is more when it comes to furniture.

Flooring: Keeping with the theme that less is more, when it comes to contemporary residential interior design, we select floors that are smooth and sleek like wood, vinyl, or tile while utilizing rugs and some carpet for added texture and warmth.

Lighting: Track and recessed lighting, as well as spotlights are important factors when it comes to pulling together your new contemporary interior design. Light helps add sophistication, as well as highlight accent decor in the space.

Art and Accessories: Accessories, such as key art pieces, are a great way to add depth to any space.

Best Contemporary Interior Designers

Work With The Best Contemporary Interior Designers 

Our team is composed of the best contemporary interior designers in Miami. We specialize in the creation and conceptualization of any design that inspires you. We’ll work alongside you to co-create your new contemporary residential or office space.

With footholds in Miami, New York, and LA, there is a reason why so many across the country come to Design Solutions for their luxury interior design dreams. Please contact us today so we can make your space a reality!