Modern Interior Designers

Modern Interior Designers

Work with a team of dedicated modern interior designers and start conceptualizing your dream space. Luxury modern interior design is often used interchangeably with contemporary interior design, but in truth, these two paths offer very different styles.

What is Luxury Modern Interior Design?

To understand luxury modern interior design, it’s important to understand its history. Modern interior design is actually indicative of a distinct time period, specifically the early to mid-20th century. The modern design sprouted from German and Scandinavian influences, first surging in popularity from the 1920s to the 1960s. The foundation of the modern design, and its most driving principle, is that everything from the furnishings to the accessories has an intended purpose within that space.

Modern Interior Designers

Common Modern Interior Design Styles 

The name of the game is simple and uncluttered. So when considering a luxury modern interior design, you can expect the following:

Exposed structural elements: If you have concrete or beams in your space, a contemporary design would leave structural elements such as these exposed.

Clean, straight lines: Modern designs focus more on clean and precise horizontal and vertical lines. While contemporary design can also incorporate straight lines, you will usually find more curved lines.

Cut the fluff: If it doesn’t have a purpose, you won’t find it in your typical modern interior design space.

Clean and straight furniture: Furniture is super simple, low, and provides clean straight horizontal lines to your space.

Natural light: Our modern interior designers will incorporate as much natural light as possible into your space. This means windows are left very simple so more light can shine into the space.

Neutral Colors: As you may have guessed, a luxury modern interior design is about simplicity, so we use neutral colors, such as white and beiges. Depending on the space, we can also incorporate some black.

Reflective Surfaces: Our designers will incorporate steel, chrome, or glass. It could be chromel legs on chairs to stainless steel appliances.

Miami Modern Interior Design

Work with the Best Miami Modern Interior Design Team 

Whether you want to reinvent your home’s style or upgrade an outdated office space, our team of designers and visionaries will help you explore the endless possibilities of modern design. Build your dream space piece by piece, please contact us today and make your vision a reality.