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Why is Color Important in Interior Design?

December 9, 2021 | Category: Interior Design | Author: Luciana Fragali
Importance of Color in Interior Design

Color is perhaps one of the most critical components of interior design. When building a personal space, we often pull from both physical and metaphysical inspiration. We dedicate some thought to the position of the furniture or the dimensions of a room, but we also think about abstract components of design, like mood and ambiance. And, once we consider more open-ended concepts like that, the importance of choosing and planning your colors proves invaluable.

There is an inherent psychology to color that can help set the mood for your space. The color palette you choose has the power to define your overall aesthetic and communicate your personality as a homeowner. Since most individuals have similar reactions and associations with a specific color, you can use that to your advantage when seeking to achieve an overall balance to your space.

Now, it’s important to note that color is also subjective. The moods and feelings that one person attaches to a certain color may be completely different from the way you feel.

However, that being said, we’ve broken down some of the most common colors below to help you understand the psychology behind these shades.

Using Color in Interior Design: A Breakdown by Shade

Color in interior design is primarily used to reinforce or invoke certain emotions and feelings when an individual steps into your home. When you think of interior home design, modern trends have you manifesting pearlescent white walls with sharp lines and shiny finishes. While you wouldn’t be incorrect to assume that, recently the use of colors has seen a resurgence. As patches of color, such as accent walls, are becoming more and more popular with home design, you now have more opportunities for color experimentation.

Below, we’ve compiled small breakdowns of each shade’s corresponding color psychology and how it can be used:

  • Pink

Pink is not just a color for the bedrooms of newborn daughters. Pink is scientifically proven to be a mood booster and it represents the divine feminine, love, and nurturing. You can give pink a more “high-end” feel by combining it with textures such as velvet, silk, and linen.

  • Blue

Blue is said to be one of the strongest colors in the spectrum of color psychology. Deeper shades of blue communicate confidence, loyalty, and success. Lighter shades of blue invoke a sense of calmness and tranquility, which is great for homes by the beach.

  • Black

Black is neutral, yet powerful. It’s a great color to use as furniture accents or an accent wall. Black typically communicates power, drama, and mystery, though you can use black delicately if it is well-balanced by a lighter color.

  • Green

Green is thought to be one of the most peaceful colors because it reminds us of nature, balance, and transformation. If your luxury Miami home is located in the heart of the city, using green to decorate your home can be an excellent way to bring the tranquility of nature to your space. 

  • Yellow

In color psychology, yellow represents happiness and positive energy. When it comes to decorating your home, gold can be considered as a yellow hue. As gold represents wealth and prosperity, it may be the perfect color for your Miami home. 

  • Purple

Purple is a very interesting color when it comes to color psychology. It is typically related to fantasy worlds and nobility, i.e. royal families in some of your favorite movies, books, and TV shows. Purple can be seen as a delicate and feminine color when in bright and soft hues, or a strong and masculine color when in darker hues. 

  • Grey

Grey is a very popular home color right now because it’s so versatile. Grey looks stark and clean like white, but it gives a little bit more drama to a home. In color psychology, grey represents security, intelligence, and stability.

  • Tans and browns

Like green, brown is a color that reminds us of nature. Therefore, brown represents the calming effects of nature. Because brown is a darker color and one found in strong tree trunks, brown can sometimes represent strength and stability.

At the same time, tan has a calming effect because it reminds us of sand. WHen combined with light blues, your Miami home can mimic the calming and restorative effects that a day at the beach has.

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