Our Design and Execution Process

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Wondering what to expect from our design and execution process? Here’s a step-by-step look at how we take projects from concept to completion, including the types of personalized services that you’ll only get from the top interior designers in Miami.

Our Design and Execution Process

From traditional to modern architecture, interior design is a crucial part of creating a truly remarkable space. Here’s how we go about it.

Top Interior Designers in Miami

In this first meeting, we’ll go over the general concept of the project to understand your expectations, needs, likes, dislikes, and budget. We love learning everything about your vision, so inspirational images are very welcome. Not sure what you want? That’s totally fine. We’ll guide you through the process of finding out what inspires you and helping you define your personal style.

Initial consultations are held in our office in Miami or via phone or video call. Consultations at your location can also be arranged once we ensure both parties are on the same page and realistic about concept scope, budget, and timing. (Complimentary)

Luxury Interior Design in Miami

If you’re looking for luxury interior design in Miami, it makes sense that you want to know what your project is likely to cost. Fortunately, we believe in transparency, which is why we always give a complimentary general estimate before getting started.

We’re pros at putting together a realistic general budget heading into the conceptual design phase, especially if you come to us with inspirational images or one of our projects as an example. And while we understand that, after architecture, interior design is probably the priciest part of designing your space, we think it’s better to get sticker shock out of the way at the beginning rather than down the line.

Do keep in mind: while we try to be as precise as possible based on our knowledge of prior projects and our familiarity with present market prices, we can’t provide a final quote until the design concept is ready to be quoted. (Complimentary)

Luciana Fragali

This is when we will start working on the actual floor plan of your project and putting together images to show you our vision for various areas of the project. Our goal is to make the concept as clear as possible, so we’ll provide you with PDF presentation, sketches, elevations, and anything else that will help get the vision across.

Once the concept presentation is reviewed and approved, we move on to 3D renderings, which are highly detailed and give you the clearest picture of what the space will look like when it’s done. At this point, we’ll also most likely have the quotes from all parties involved and will be diligently working on a preliminary budget. (50% Design Concept Deposit Due)

Architecture Interior Design

Once the budget is prepared and renderings are done, we typically adjust and refine with you until we have all the functional elements and aesthetic details just right. Key here is making sure we’ve accomplished a design concept within your discussed budget, with the ability to make changes in line with your cost expectations.

As you can expect from luxury interior design in Miami, a design deposit is requested at this time and varies based on the complexity of the project, with a starting cost of $6 per square foot. Let us know from the get-go if you plan to execute the concept on your own, since that will impact both the fee and the scope of information we prepare for you. (50% Design Concept Deposit Due)

Design Approval and Execution

Modern Architecture Interior Design

Once we have approval on the project concept and budget, we require an additional 25%-30% of the design concept fee. Then we’ll get to work on things like preparing technical drawings, scheduling on-site meetings and measurements with vendors, bidding with additional vendors to compare estimates, and preparing your logistics and project timeline. Lead times depend on the complexity of the project and the need for city involvement (i.e. building permits). (Additional 25%-30% Design Concept Fee Due)

Project Concept Conclusion

Top Interior Designers in Miami

This is the last step in the design process, and it happens when all plans, sketches, elevations, 3D renderings, and budget studies are finished. Payment is required before we start sending the final versions to you and any vendors, with the full design concept fee paid in full prior to project execution. (FINAL PAYMENT Design Concept Fee Due)

Project Execution 

Project execution is a full-time job, and it’s a completely different animal than concept design. For that reason, most of our clients hire us for end-to-end project execution in addition to visual concepts.

By having our team execute your interior design project, you ensure a few key things:

  • Adjustments are made with care in the event that what’s behind the wall isn’t what we expected when we first came up with renderings
  • The approved design plans are properly executed by vendors
  • Vendor and supplier communications are streamlined and efficient
  • All vendor and supplier communications are properly registered, recorded, and saved, and are easily accessible for future referencing
  • Any mistakes are identified right away so you can minimize delays and protect yourself against wasted spending
  • Someone is present for the delivery of all materials to verify quality and accuracy prior to installation

About the Execution Fee

We charge an execution fee that varies from 25-30% of the net price of the project. Note that the net price can (and often does) change over time due to delays, material cost adjustments, and any discounts or kickbacks we get from suppliers, which we always extend back to our clients, as we want no conflict of interest. We will always advocate on your behalf to ensure the cost of your project stays as reasonable as possible.

While this fee may seem extreme to some, it covers the daily ins-and-outs of having our design team oversee your project. As our founder Luciana Fragali always says, a design project is not a walk in the park, but a great cold plunge – and we’ll be present to help you navigate every step of it. The execution fee guarantees our availability and lets you know that you always have someone protecting your interests on-site.

If you have any questions on the above, please feel free to book a free consultation with us.

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