The Top Summer Interior Design Trends of 2021 

Summer Interior Design Trends of 2021

With the year reaching its end, it’s time to really shed some light on how the summer interior design trends of 2021 have impacted styles. This time last summer, everyone was hopeful that the pandemic restrictions would be lifted, and we could return to a sense of normalcy come the warmer months. But, when everyone was asked to social distance for much longer than anticipated, many industries began evolving under the effects of prolonged quarantine. This includes interior design, and since last summer, we’ve noticed many trends have started to shift.

How Modern Summer Home Interior Has Changed

While some aspects of modern, summer home interior design have stayed the same since last year, there are noticeable differences. Now that people are spending more time indoors, they have more time to really focus on the design of their home and to conceptualize what they truly want in their space.

One of the biggest differences we’ve seen is in the color scheme. Previously, summertime interior styles called for more neutral tones, mostly white, greys, and black. Now, we are seeing a greater frequency in colors, accent walls, the use of natural elements, and patterns. Forced to spend a majority of their day indoors, many homeowners are becoming more and more experimental in their visions of design. Pops of color and intricate patterns are breathing fresh life into an environment that is typically monochromatic.

To help you get a better understanding of this year’s summer interior design ideas, we’ve compiled a quick list of necessities making big splashes in style. When going through the list, think about ways you can make each aspect your very own.

Summer Interior Design Trends 2021

Modern Summer Home Interior

  • Indoor plants

Bring everything you love about the outdoors inside with this summer interior design idea: houseplants. Houseplants can act as living art in your home, especially when placed in a gorgeous pot that matches the rest of your summer home interior.

If you want indoor plants that are easy to take care of, consider a snake plant. They are resilient and can grow large, even with occasional watering. If you want to avoid messes and extra work, consider faux plants, instead. These artificial alternatives seem just as real, and require little upkeep.

Summer Interior Design Ideas Wall Art

  • Wall art

White walls used to offer a modern home interior a smooth, clean and fresh aesthetic. Now, we are seeing that homeowners prefer to have a little more warmth with their interior design. Deep colors like wine red, royal blue, and forest green are popular for accent walls.

There has also been a resurgence of wallpaper and textured walls in modern summer home interior. There are many options for removable wallpaper so you can transform your space again next summer.

Summer Interior Design Ideas Natural Elements

  • Natural elements

In addition to houseplants, summer interior designs also include the implementation of natural wood accents, including wicker, rattan, and cane. Some may think that wooden features make a modern summer home interior “rustic,” but that isn’t always true – it depends on the accessories you select and the tone of the wood. For an airy summer home, select woods that are naturally light, without stain.

Summer Interior Design Ideas Pops of Color

  • Pops of color

As previously mentioned, many modern homes were designed with a grayscale color palette. You can easily transform your summer home interior by adding pops of color. Consider colorful rugs and throw pillows, adding a few houseplants, stunning accent chairs, and eye-catching wall art.

Summer Interior Design Ideas Boho Chic

  • Boho chic

Boho chic is back again. This time around, bring your vision of a modern home interior to life with faux fur rugs, natural fabrics, tasteful string lights, gold accents, and macramé wall hangings. You can have a boho chic summer home that doesn’t clash or look crowded by selecting colors and textures that flow together and add to your existing décor – not overpower it.

Summer Interior Design Ideas Brass and Bronze

  • Brass & bronze

Brass and bronze are absolutely timeless. They add a pop of color to a modern summer home interior without being too loud or dating your space. Even something as simple as adding brass hardware to your white kitchen can add depth that you didn’t know you were looking for.

Transform Your Home This Summer

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your summer home in Miami or transform the space you live in year-round, Design Solutions is here to support your vision. Get in touch with one of our design professionals and bring every piece of inspiration you have. We’ll turn it into reality.