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Working with Residential Architects in Miami? Don’t Forget Your Design Team

December 14, 2023 | Category: Custom Built Homes | Author: Luciana Fragali

We’re incredibly lucky to have some of the world’s best residential architects in Miami. But even with an expert architecture firm behind your new build, you still need a dedicated interior design team if you want to achieve custom, luxurious results. 

Architects and interior designers fulfill two important roles when you’re building a new home. Architects handle the building and structural part of the job, overseeing technical details like permitting, choosing construction materials, and creating a functional and efficient layout. Meanwhile, designers are responsible for the interior of the home, fine-tuning every single detail to ensure that it meets the needs, preferences, and expectations of future homeowners – and that it looks absolutely stunning while doing so.

And when it comes to residential project design, Miami specialists in architecture and interior design often work together quite closely, collaborating on key elements and ensuring outstanding results, especially in the area’s booming luxury market. 

If you’re ready to build the house of your dreams, you’ll need both types of professionals working on your behalf. Below, we’re exploring some of what an experienced local interior design team like Design Solutions can bring to the table, with a quick look at three of Miami’s most iconic design styles and how you can use them as inspiration in your next residential build.

Residential Design: Miami-Inspired Interiors

Have you ever noticed that there is something so quintessentially Miami about the construction and design of luxury homes in the area? Beyond the bold colors and infinity pools, residential design in Miami’s ultra-exclusive residences often pulls inspiration in interior and exterior architecture from the city’s most coveted – and most famous – design styles, including three that you’ll find elements of in nearly every luxury residence from Wynwood to Coco Grove.

Art Deco

It wouldn’t be Miami design without Art Deco. Also referred to simply as Deco, this style of architecture and design has its roots in the European design movements that took place in the early 20th century. As a residential interior designer in Miami, we work with clients to incorporate Art Deco in either its historical or modern context, depending on their personal style. Elements that embody the genre include gilded and lacquered furniture, high-contrast materials and colors, geometric shapes, and ornamental light fixtures. Think rich embellishments coupled with clean lines – a pairing that’s immediately noticeable in both the exterior construction of the home and throughout the interior.

Mediterranean Revival

Perhaps nowhere is Miami’s Spanish influence more apparent than in its homes. The ultra-popular Mediterranean Revival style includes a delicate balance of Spanish, Italian, and French influence in its architecture, plus hints of Gothic, Arab, and Venetian. Despite its melting pot style, however, Mediterranean Revival has a gracefulness that’s all its own, as evidenced by elements like heavy use of ceramics, stucco, and natural wood, as well as the addition of romantic touches like balconies, grandiose rooms, and massive arched windows. 

Miami Modern (MiMo)

Not all Miami interior design styles come from across the ocean. Case in point: Miami Modern, or MiMo, a regional style established by architect Morris Lapidus, the mind behind such instantly recognizable projects as the Fontainebleau and Eden Roc hotels in Miami Beach. This style translates extremely well into modern residential design, with tenets that include the seamless merging of indoor and outdoor spaces and the contrasted use of clean and curved lines. There’s also a touch of the playful in MiMo construction and design, particularly in terms of color and art. 

For Residential Project Design, Miami Trusts Design Solutions

At Design Solutions, we know Miami like the back of our hands. And we’ve put this knowledge to use, creating beautiful results for luxury homeowners in South Florida through our turnkey services and streamlined design and execution process. Along the way, we’ve collaborated with countless residential architects in Miami, including some of the industry’s most in-demand architectural creatives. We know what it takes to build a gorgeous property from the ground up, and we’re passionate about helping our clients craft homes they really love, with inspiration from the Miami design styles mentioned above or any style that suits their preferences.

If you’re ready to build your own beautiful home, we’re here to assist however we can. Starting with a complimentary phone consultation, we’ll get to work learning about your vision for the space, then present our ideas for how we can make that happen. From there, we’ll handle every step of the design process itself, including material sourcing and specifications, project implementation and logistics, and staging and styling. We’ll also work closely with your architecture team to make sure your vision is embodied both inside and out. 

Please contact us today to schedule an initial consultation, and let’s work together to create a truly luxurious Miami home.

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About Luciana Fragali

Guided by a passion for design and architecture Luciana Fragali first pursued her studies in architecture and interior design in her native Brazil and later received a degree in interior design at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute before launching her design firm, Design Solutions, in 2005. Luciana Fragali, who has owned Miami-based Design Solutions for 15 years, has completed over 400 high-end residential and commercial projects to date. As such she has a unique set of influences from which her sophisticated, sumptuous, and refreshing brand has blossomed.

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