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Building Your Dream Home: A Guide to New Construction Homes in Miami

December 30, 2022 | Category: Custom Built Homes | Author: Luciana Fragali
New Construction Homes In Miami

There are many perks to building new construction homes in Miami, including rewarding opportunities for personalized design and potential financial gain if you plan to sell. But the process of building a new home from scratch can be complex, too, and filled with pitfalls that can lead to frustrating delays and cost increases. This is why it’s so important to partner with trusted professionals (agents, contractors, architects, interior designers, etc.) who can advise you through the process every step of the way.

To help you fully realize your goal of constructing the home of your dreams, we’ve laid out some crucial tips below to guide you through the process of home construction in Miami.

Home Construction In MiamiThe Right Land  Is Critical for New Homes in Miami

It might seem simple enough, but the truth is there are many factors to consider when looking to acquire a lot on which to build pre-construction homes in Miami. For instance, while lot size is important, it’s equally important to know the land rules in that community. On Key Biscayne, for instance, you can only build up 43% of the lot, while on the Venetian Islands, it’s 47%. Each municipality has its own specifications, and it’s crucial to know all the rules and regulations—along with any possible bonuses or tax credits—before purchasing land.

Pre Construction Homes In Miami FloridaConsult with an Experienced Miami Real Estate Agent

Even if you’ve got an eye for finding land and already have the perfect spot picked out, it’s still important to find an experienced real estate agent to consult with. An experienced agent will know all about zoning regulations, construction costs, and permit requirements, as well as land conditions, topography, and soil type. Oh, and did we mention the all-important water levels?

The point being: an experienced real estate agent can be a huge asset in the process.

Pre Construction Homes MiamiPatience Is Key When Building Pre-Construction Homes in Miami 

The process of building pre-construction homes in Miami, Florida, typically takes three years from start to finish. And while delays have always been a staple of building new homes in Miami–personalized custom designs take time–in the challenging post-Covid world, this unfortunate reality has only been exacerbated. Building materials and interior finishing, in particular, may take longer than expected to arrive, and with ongoing labor shortages, construction crews may find themselves short-staffed.

In other words, prepare to be patient!

Home Construction In MiamiInvolve an Interior Designer Early in the Process

When thinking about pre-construction homes in Miami, most people want to involve an architect right away. And that’s understandable—you absolutely need a highly skilled professional to help construct a well-structured home and breathtaking exterior façade. But it’s just as important to involve an interior designer right from the start, working in cooperation with the architect to ensure that the space inside meets all your personalized needs, both in terms of functionality and aesthetics.

For example, an architect might have a room designed for your new construction homes in Miami, but they may not take into account whether the size will be big enough to accommodate the couch and chair you’ve already picked out. That’s where the expertise of an interior designer is essential.

Far from simply picking out pretty furniture and giving the space a cozy feel, it’s the interior designer’s job to think about things such as the size of your family, where you spend the most time, whether you entertain, if the art in the corner will need special lighting or if that column is in the spot where the coffee table is supposed to go. And if all that seems daunting and a bit overwhelming—it is!

That’s why it’s so important to hire an interior designer from the very beginning of the project. Your designer will work as a team with the contractor and architect in order to ensure that the dream home you’ve invested so much in is fully realized.

At Design Solutions, delivering high-end and luxury home decorating services is our passion. If you want to make your dream home a reality, start by calling us for a free phone consultation.

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