My “Why” Behind Interior Design

For me, it all started when I was a child.  While other kids my age were playing with dolls or enjoying the playground, my favorite pastime was going to a mall in Brazil that had a unique store which sold children’s furniture. This was my favorite place to spend my weekends. As I approached my teenage years, the antique fair near my home became my go-to spot – I loved hunting for unique pieces, never knowing what I would discover. So for me, there was never any doubt — I was destined for the field of architecture and interior design.

When I started my career, I quickly had to learn how to work with clients with different tastes and styles that weren’t necessarily my own, and to meet certain expectations with extremely low budgets.  These parameters made it almost impossible to truly design. Since then, I have worked with highly successful and influential people, and sometimes with difficult clients, where finding a common ground is always the goal. I have come to find that aside from being an architect and interior designer, I am also a psychologist, friend, trusted advisor and more.

I love that I get to solve the problems of my clients in such a beautiful way. Each day brings a set of new and exciting challenges.  I love that, in this industry, you get to interact with so many different people and teams. From clients, to artisans, to brand representatives, to electricians (who by the way are magicians), and architects and builders. It is so collaborative and inspiring! Together we make the impossible, possible — the well-executed dreams, the crazy structural ideas, and poof! We successfully design and deliver projects that are forever treasured.

So here I am 23 years after starting my career in architecture and interior design and loving every moment of it. This career has taught me tough lessons, shown me my full potential, and allowed me to have a flexible schedule with my family. I have dozens and dozens of homes that are living proof of ideas I created and nurtured in my head for so long, and many happy clients that get to live their best lives in those spaces.

What I want to leave you with is something that has helped me over the years. It is important that in your “why,” you know and recognize what sets you apart. Be aware of what you bring to the table. For me, it is having a keen knowledge of new builds and recognizing the power of a collaborative team. I never want to stamp my name on an idea that I played a part in, and simply call it a day. I want to be part of a team that brings a story to life and to share that story with others. My passion for great design and the people who enjoy it with me is my “why” behind every day in this industry and beyond!