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Creating What’s Next in Miami Penthouse Design

November 16, 2023 | Category: Custom Built Homes | Author: Luciana Fragali

What sets a Miami penthouse apart from a penthouse anywhere else in the world? Perhaps it’s the city’s unique blend of Art Deco, vintage, and Latin American styles, all of which come together in the design of luxury penthouse residences. Or maybe it’s the way that, from sea to sky, Miami’s natural beauty effortlessly blends into its interior spaces. And there’s certainly something to be said about how the city itself inspires the creativity of architects from all over the globe. 

Whatever the magic at work, it’s undeniable that a penthouse in Miami is a special type of luxury residence – and one that deserves extra care and attention to ensure it reaches its full potential. Below, we’re exploring some of our top suggestions for anyone looking to design a penthouse with a distinct Miami flavor, with expert tips that are guaranteed to bring luxury to life.

What Makes a Luxury Penthouse?

Luxury penthouses in Miami are defined by more than just their sky-high status. And it’s the same elements that define these spaces that also make them ideal for pulling out all the stops in high-end interior design. This includes things like:

  • High ceilings accentuated by floor-to-ceiling windows
  • Breathtaking views
  • Expanded square footage compared to standard units
  • Luxury amenities like private elevators, private pools, and on-demand concierge service

For those who are lucky enough to call these spaces home, it’s always worth it to put in additional time, money, and effort to make them truly their own. Because life at the top deserves over-the-top luxury design, and that requires intentional and inspired design decisions driven by an experienced team of professionals.

Bringing Modern Luxury into a Miami Penthouse

A home is the epitome of personal space. As such, every single penthouse owner is going to have their own preferences and expectations. But regardless of personal taste, there are some design tips that are always in style when it comes to bringing maximum luxury to penthouse design in Miami. 

Strategic Selections: Just because something is expensive doesn’t mean it’s right for the space. From materials to furniture to decor, it’s essential that every element of the penthouse be chosen with care and a wider design point-of-view in mind, and that it serves a purpose for both home and homeowner. 

Celebrate the View: The Miami skyline isn’t just breathtaking – it’s also a main feature of the city’s luxury penthouses. And while it can speak for itself, it’s important to showcase the view from the top in key ways, making full use of the privacy of a penthouse to highlight what’s outside in addition to what’s inside. 

Sophisticated Spaces: If you’re investing in a penthouse, especially a custom-built one, chances are you’re not trying to cut any corners in its interior features. Design decisions should be rooted in making smart use of the space while also accentuating personal taste – an effort that requires expert care in things like furnishing choices, artwork, storage, and all other obvious (and not-so-obvious) interior elements.

Focus on Sustainability: Exclusive modern design comes with a responsibility to honor and respect the natural environment. This is achieved in a number of ways, from choosing eco-friendly materials to being conscious of how furnishings are sourced and utilized. Open facades and full realization of outdoor spaces further these efforts in additional ways both subtle and overt. 

Creative Collaborations: Working with an experienced design team helps guarantee the perfect execution of your vision. This is especially true for penthouse owners who are busy with work and/or travel and don’t have the ability to be on the ground day in and day out overseeing the interior design process. 

As a global leader in interior innovation, Miami isn’t just a fantastic place to own a penthouse—it’s also a city that sets the bar for what constitutes true luxury. This should be taken advantage of when designing a penthouse here, with design choices that make ample use of local artisans and styles to create a space that isn’t just well-suited to its epic location but a celebration of all that it has to offer. 

Buying a Penthouse? Architect and Design Support from Design Solutions

There is so much that goes into designing a timeless penthouse interior. And with nearly two decades of experience in Miami’s luxury real estate market, our team at Design Solutions is able to deliver on client expectations for even the most exclusive of residential addresses. 

Our turnkey services include architectural support and construction management for custom builds, as well as dedicated support for every single step of the interior design process. This includes everything from design conception to execution, with professional oversight of budgets, furniture purchases, contractor and subcontractor sourcing, and so much more. 

If you’d like additional information, check out our portfolio to see some of the work we’ve done and schedule a consultation to discuss any upcoming penthouse projects. 

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About Luciana Fragali

Guided by a passion for design and architecture Luciana Fragali first pursued her studies in architecture and interior design in her native Brazil and later received a degree in interior design at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute before launching her design firm, Design Solutions, in 2005. Luciana Fragali, who has owned Miami-based Design Solutions for 15 years, has completed over 400 high-end residential and commercial projects to date. As such she has a unique set of influences from which her sophisticated, sumptuous, and refreshing brand has blossomed.

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