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The Quick Guide to Luxury Lighting Design

January 7, 2022 | Category: Design Tips | Author: Luciana Fragali
luxury lighting design

There’s nothing simple about achieving good lighting. Think about this, how many times have you heard someone exclaim the picture was ruined by bad lighting? In fact, how many people would even take a photo if the lighting isn’t perfect? Think about wall art, manicured lawns, or professional photo shoots. They all have their own special lighting equipment. Why is that? Is there truly a specific angle, arrangement or design that can provide superior lighting? Is there such a thing as luxury lighting design? Let’s take a closer look.

For a home, the layout of your lighting fixtures may seem like a rather straightforward part of its overall design aesthetic. Many homeowners will think to put light in the areas where you’ll spend the most time. It makes sense, but don’t be afraid to give it some additional thought. Let there be a strong sense of deliberate intent that goes into making sure every lighting decision makes sense. While chandeliers and other extravagant fixtures tend to get the first glance in a high-end home, it’s the more subtle lighting details that really exude luxury in a space.

So, what does luxury interior lighting look like? We’ve put together this short interior lighting design guide, featuring a quick breakdown of various techniques, elements, and tips that you should keep in mind when picking out lighting for a luxury space. Here’s what you should know.

Elements of Light Design for Home Interiors

Great lighting can transform a room. To get there though, you have to understand the different types of light and the role that each of them plays in interior design.

There are three main types of interior lighting:

  1. General lighting – Also known as low lighting, these are functionally-driven fixtures that provide broad illumination for everyday use—think recessed lighting, chandeliers, or a centrally-located modern light installation.
  2. Task lighting – Purely functional lighting that allows you to see better for the purpose of a specific task. Examples include under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen and riser lights on staircases.
  3. Accent lighting – This is lighting that highlights certain areas of the home or pieces of décor, such as wall sconces, floodlighting, and artwork lighting.

Another important element is mood lighting, which works with the types of lighting above but is used primarily to add drama to a space. Dimming systems and decorative lamps both serve this purpose.

Beyond these core lighting elements, there are a number of lighting effects that are used on their own and together to optimize the use of lighting in a room. These include:

  • Uplighting
  • Downlighting
  • Perimeter lighting
  • Spotlighting
  • Wall grazing
  • Wall washing

Working with an interior designer is essential for balancing out all of these effects in a luxury house. The larger the size of a home—or the more refined the style—the more imperative it becomes to select fixtures that complement each other while also achieving a well-defined purpose.

Style-Forward Luxury Lighting Ideas and Tips

It’s easy to get overwhelmed, especially when you’re starting from scratch with lighting design. Every luxury home is different, but these ideas and tips are a good place to begin.

1. Don’t treat every room the same

Kitchens, bedrooms, entryways, and other rooms all have very unique lighting needs. It’s important to design a lighting plan one room at a time, rather than using the same approach for every space in a home.

2. Always include dimmers

Dimmers are a must for luxury lighting. Not only is a dimming system great for mood and entertainment lighting, but it also allows you to customize the lighting in every room based on preferences and time of day.

3. Layer your lighting

Interior lighting is functional, but it’s also used to add texture and dimension to a space. This is best accomplished through layering, which is the process of mixing and matching lighting in a room to bring about a polished and cohesive result.

4. Include lots of task lighting

Efficient task lighting is one thing that separates a luxury home from a standard home. Under- and in-cabinet lighting are a notable example of luxury task lighting, but integrated stair lighting and hallway lighting are two other types of task lights that amplify the beauty and utility of often overlooked spaces.

At Design Solutions, we have many years of experience providing our luxury clients with smart and stunning lighting solutions. Learn more about what we do, and contact our design team today for a personal consultation.

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