Luxury Bathroom Ideas You Should Consider

Luxury Bathroom Ideas

When you start to think of luxury bathroom ideas, your mind might go straight to white tile and minimalist design. However, it’s entirely possible to create a space that matches your personality with the right luxury bathroom accessories – it just depends on what “luxury” means to you.

In the past, “luxury” might have been as simple as having your very own bathroom. For others, it might have meant having a tub and a well-lit vanity. For many Miami-based residential spaces, homeowners want their luxury bathroom features to mimic spa-like conditions: clean lines, free-standing tubs, glass walls, and a spacious layout that offers plenty of room and maneuverability.

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

Luxury Bathroom Accessories

The details are what really make a luxury bathroom luxurious, and trends in luxury bathroom accessories have changed over time – in previous years chrome, gold, and all-white-everything dominated. Today, white bathrooms with black luxury accessories are preferred – they offer a modern, yet timeless, style. Here’s a few key factors to consider when designing your luxury bathroom:

1. Lighting

No matter what your luxury bathroom layout is, it should be well-lit with light fixtures that match your style. If you do your hair and makeup in your bathroom, consider a vanity mirror with built-in lighting. For a more serene luxury bathroom, go for soft, warm lighting that you can dim. For an ultra-modern look, install lighting underneath counters and behind fixtures.

2. Vanity

Cabinets are functional, but not exactly luxurious. Luxury bathroom ideas include finding creative ways to fill the space underneath the sink without looking “basic.” Consider a vanity with sleek, hardware-free drawers, a free-standing modern sink, or a floating counter with floating shelves beneath.

3. Wall Art

Not everyone considers wall art when they consider luxury bathroom accessories, but the right art hung in decadent frames can make your bathroom blend seamlessly with the rest of the rooms in your home. After all, a luxurious bathroom is more than a bathroom – it’s an experience.

4. Towel Rails

 What says “luxury” like a heated towel rail? One of the best luxury bathroom accessories is a geometric towel rail that looks like art – and keeps your towels feeling like they are fresh out of the dryer.

5. Sink & Faucet

The sink and faucet are two luxury bathroom features that cannot be overlooked. The most luxurious sinks and faucets blend in with their surroundings and are made with materials and shapes that aren’t typically common in the everyday bathroom.

6. Tub

Large and deep freestanding tubs are the epitome of luxury when it comes to bathrooms. Don’t overlook the faucet on your tub, either. Opt for eye-catching shapes, materials, and colors.

7. Shower

There are two things that set a luxurious shower apart: the showerhead and size. Select an extra-wide showerhead and make sure there is enough space to move comfortably. If you have a smaller shower, consider glass walls to give the illusion of a larger area.

8. Spa Scents

The right scents can be very relaxing. Consider adding candles, diffusers, or live plants that will fill your bathroom with your favorite scents. Hanging Eucalyptus leaves in the shower is a popular way to bring the relaxing scents of nature to the bathroom.

Luxury Bathroom Layout

Your Luxury Bathroom Layout

When you have the opportunity to design your own luxury bathroom, the layout is your opportunity to set the tone for the entire space. Luxury bathroom layouts give plenty of space to walk around, a designated area for the tub, a large shower, and perhaps a sitting area for getting undressed.

After ensuring your luxury bathroom layout offers plenty of room, consider adding these features into your design:

  • Large windows to offer plenty of natural lighting
  • Glass walls to separate areas without making the bathroom look smaller
  • Heated floors
  • Free-standing tub as the focal point of the bathroom, put it in the center or make it the first thing you see when you walk in.
  • Design a “lifted” bathtub by having it on a platform. Add to the luxe look with light bars underneath
  • Install custom fitted cabinets for unique storage options

Bring Your Luxury Bathroom Ideas to Life

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