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Custom Home Builders: Miami Experts Help You Bring Your Vision to Life

October 17, 2023 | Category: Custom Built Homes | Author: Luciana Fragali

Are you dreaming of a custom-built home in the vibrant city of Miami? Look no further than Design Solutions. As experienced and trusted custom home builders, Miami-based Design Solutions offers a wide range of services to help make your dream home happen. And with 18 years of experience serving South Florida, we’ve honed our craft to perfection to ensure you end up with a home that you love.

Our Team: A Passionate Group of 20 Professionals 

What sets us apart from other luxury custom home builders? Miami’s Design Solutions is more than just a company; we’re a qualified and passionate team of 20 professionals dedicated to making your dream home a reality. Our team consists of architects, designers, project managers, drafters, a purchasing department, and site supervisors, all of whom work tirelessly on behalf of our clients. It’s this approach that has made us the modern home builders Miami residents trust with their vision – and why we’re confident that we can exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Design Solutions as Your Luxury Custom Home Builders?

18 Years of Experience Serving South Florida: When it comes to luxury custom home builders, South Florida homeowners know that experience can make all the difference. Design Solutions proudly brings 18 years of experience in the South Florida market to every project, plus an extensive track record that showcases our commitment to excellence and our deep understanding of the region’s architectural trends and preferences.

Local Expertise: Design Solutions has deep roots in Miami. Our team understands the city’s architectural heritage, climate, and lifestyle, and we leverage this local expertise to create designs that not only look stunning but also work seamlessly with Miami’s unique conditions.

Full-Service Approach: Design Solutions is not just an interior design firm; we are a full-service architecture and interior design firm. Our white-glove service methodology is built on a traditional model of listening closely to clients, paying attention to details, and remaining available 24/7.

Long-Term Relationships: We pride ourselves on our long-term relationships with our clients. Even years after we have delivered our projects, we remain available as trusted partners and friends to assist with any issues that may arise. Keeping our clients happy is ALWAYS our top priority, no matter how many years have passed since our work was completed.

Collaboration with the Best: For today’s modern home builders, Miami contains an extensive network of specialists who work together for breathtaking results. We collaborate with the best architects and builders from all over South Florida to ensure that your custom home is executed to perfection. This network of top-tier professionals ensures that every aspect of your project meets the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.

Understanding the Costs and Timeline: Building a custom home in Miami is a significant undertaking, both in terms of cost and time. The average home building cost in Miami ranges between $350 to $800 per square foot. The construction costs largely depend on the type of property, construction area, and customizations you desire. Additionally, you need to budget for land expenses and permit costs, which can vary widely based on location and project complexity. 

It’s important to note that building your own house is not just expensive but also time-consuming. On average, homeowners spend 14 to 18 months building a house (after permit approval from the city), from the initial planning and design stages to the final construction and finishing touches. During this time, it’s crucial to have a dedicated team of professionals, like Design Solutions, by your side to guide you through every step of the process and ensure that your dream home becomes a reality.

Our Comprehensive Services provide you with a wide range of solutions to ensure that every aspect of your custom home project is meticulously planned and executed. Our services include:

  • Concept Creation We work closely with you to create a concept that captures your vision, needs, and desires for your dream home.
  • Design Development: Our team of architects and designers translates your concept into detailed plans and blueprints.
  • Budget Development and Management: We help you establish a budget and manage it throughout the project, ensuring that your financial goals are met.
  • Material Sourcing and Specifica,ons: We source the finest materials and provide detailed specifications to ensure the highest quality construction.
  • Furniture and AdditionalProducts Purchasing: From furniture to fixtures, we handle all aspects of furnishing your home.
  • Project Implementation and Logistics: Our project managers oversee every detail of the construction process.
  • Contractor and Subcontractor Sourcing: We work with the best professionals in the industry to ensure top-notch craftsmanship.
  • Quality and Schedule Control: We maintain strict control over quality and project timelines.
  • Construction Supervision: Our site supervisors ensure that construction proceeds smoothly.
  • Project Logistics: We handle all logistical aspects, from permits to inspections.
  • Customized Millwork: Our craftsmen create customized millwork to enhance the uniqueness of your home.
  • Final Staging and Styling: We add the finishing touches to make your home truly shine. Design Solutions is your comprehensive partner for every stage of your custom home project, ensuring that your dream home becomes a reality, down to the last detail.


Design Solutions is not just a firm; we are dream builders. Our passion for creating custom homes in Miami, our dedication to excellence, and our unwavering commitment to our clients make us the best choice for turning your dream home into reality. With a qualified and passionate team of 20 professionals by your side, we have the expertise and resources to bring your vision to life.

With 18 years of experience serving South Florida, our reputation for excellence speaks for itself. Discover the magic of Miami’s architecture and lifestyle, and let Design Solutions be your trusted partner on this incredible journey. Your dream home in Miami awaits – contact us today to get started on the path to a life of luxury and style.

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About Luciana Fragali

Guided by a passion for design and architecture Luciana Fragali first pursued her studies in architecture and interior design in her native Brazil and later received a degree in interior design at the Fort Lauderdale Art Institute before launching her design firm, Design Solutions, in 2005. Luciana Fragali, who has owned Miami-based Design Solutions for 15 years, has completed over 400 high-end residential and commercial projects to date. As such she has a unique set of influences from which her sophisticated, sumptuous, and refreshing brand has blossomed.

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